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Ember Sinclair’s only focus is planning for the future. She graduated college and became second-in-command at one of the largest marketing firms in Raleigh, NC before the age of 30. She doesn’t have time for romantic relationships nor does she want to have time. Enter Cole Bainbridge. Sexy as sin, a player, a commitment-phobe--and her boss.

When Cole and Ember find themselves on a dream trip for a week, the sparks between them combust into an erotic fire that neither of them are prepared for. They mutually agree to have a week long, uncomplicated affair filled with mind blowing sex. But the best laid plans are often the most fallible. Then, in the blink of an eye, something happens and nothing is ever, ever the same.

Free-spirited photographer Cheyenne Nighthorse is fun-loving and easy going about almost everything . . . except the mysterious disappearance of one of her best friends, Violet. To Cheyenne, Violet is dead, plain and simple. Ember, Cheyenne’s best friend since childhood, disagrees with Cheyenne and is sure Violet is out there somewhere.


Ember’s husband Cole enlists the help of his brother, Rock, and Cheyenne is forced to open wounds that she had worked so hard to heal. She directs her anger and frustration at what she considers to be the cause: Rock digging into Violet’s disappearance.


Rock Bainbridge is a very successful P.I. and he’s damn good at what he does, so when his brother and new sister-in-law appeal to him for assistance, he’s more than willing to help out family. What he doesn’t account for is the smart mouth hostility he encounters from Cheyenne. He can’t stand a woman who doesn’t act like a lady. And Cheyenne is no lady.


When they are forced to work closely together to find Violet, Rock and Cheyenne discover that their bodies do not agree with the mental dislike they have created and keeping their hands to themselves proves to be difficult. Things get increasingly complicated when the past comes back to haunt them and Violet’s trail goes cold.


Then, in the blink of an eye, a lone gunshot changes everything. Forever.

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Welcome to Soul Escapes Cruiseline, where gourmet soul food is served, black movie marathons reign supreme, and there’s always a braider in the hair salon. Some call the cruiseline a black oasis, and it’s so easy to fall in love in an oasis . . .


Chance and Brandi have been friends since the seventh grade. They tell each other everything, except the truth about their feelings for one another. They decide to uncelebrate Valentine’s Day on a cruise to Mexico and while one is running away from the spark between them, the other runs head first into it. The rising Latin American temperatures are no match for the heat between Chance and Brandi, but will they find lasting desire in the fire or will they end up burned?

Brooke is a super cool kid who enjoys going on adventures in her imagination. She loves to ask questions and learn new things. One day Brooke asks her mommy what jobs girls can do. Brooke’s mommy takes her on a journey where she reminds Brooke of all the amazing girls Brooke knows and the jobs they have, including a few incredible girls from the past. In the end, Brooke learns that girls can do any job they want and her options are limitless!

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The black communities that appear in Toni Morrison’s Sula (1973) and Love (2003) reflect historical accounts of early black communities and manifest characteristics of Total Institution. Although each novel depicts a unique black community, the Ohio community in Sula and the resort area in Love, both of these communities reflect the concept of Total Institution. The novels suggest that segregation and forced isolation contribute to the cohesion and vitality of these communities. After segregation becomes illegal, these communities falter and, ultimately, fail. 


In depicting these Total Institution all black communities and showing how they meet their demise during and after the Civil Rights Movement, these novels question the seemingly positive effects of integration and equality. If integration caused the breakdown of communities that thrived when blacks were oppressed, what might such communities have accomplished if their members had not become involved in national political activism? Such speculation gives new life to the arguments which question whether blacks benefited or were put at a disadvantage by the fight for integration.

An Author's Logbook is comprised of both lined and dot grid paper. The ultimate goal is to give authors a place to chronicle their writing journey. Use this logbook to keep track of your book ideas, chapter outlines, branding projects, social media goals, thoughts, and sketches. Your thoughts, ideas, and plans will ultimately become your book, brand, and marketing successes. You’ll be able to look back at your logbook and see your entire journey laid out for you. Enjoy . . . and chronicle . . . your journey!